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  • Baby Names for the Proud Mom-and-Dad-To-Be Discover Baby Boy and Baby Girl Names. Understand Baby Name and Meanings. Get Cute And Unique Baby Middle Names, for Your Special Baby. Welcome to Babies Names List! Are You Searching For a CUTE, UNIQUE AND MEANINGFUL First and/ Or Middle Names for your
  • Baby Pregnancy - Signs, Symptoms, Tests, Stages... What to Do? How to Do? When to Do? Why to Do... And Much More! Yippee! Yes!! You 've done it!!! Planned or not, it's happening to you. You're Pregnant! Well Done. To both of you! What do you want to do now?
  • Signs of Pregnancy - What to Look Out For. And How Soon... Are My Pregnancy Signs Common, Unusual, Or None at all?... Many women are reluctant to answer the question 'Are you pregnant or not?' Especially when they are in their first trimester. You may be wondering whether you should
  • The Early Signs/ Symptoms of Pregnancy A Missed Period, Swollen Breasts Along With Tenderness, Feeling Less Energetic, Nausea/ Increase In Appetite The early signs/ symptoms of pregnancy are wide and they differ from one expectant mother to another. However, these are the most commonly noticed early signs, letting you know
  • How Soon/ Early Can You See the Signs of Pregnancy? Body Temperature, Tender Breasts, Frequent Urination, Cramps How soon/ early can a woman see her first signs of a pregnancy? It is still a mystery for many. Let me resolve this mystery for you in the following passages. The following
  • Common Signs and Symptoms of Pregnancy Nausea/ Vomiting, Itching, Urinary Frequency, Extreme Fatigue Here are four common signs and symptoms of pregnancy. And how they are to be handled when, as a pregnant woman, you experiences any one of them: Nausea Accompanied by Vomiting is one of the commonest signs
  • Early Signs of Pregnancy Before Missed Period Spotting, Frequent Urination, High Temperature, Missed Periods... A huge portion of the medical industry is dedicated to helping women determine when they are pregnant. However, did you know that without a test there are physical signs that will give you an indication that
  • No Signs of Early Pregnancy - Am I Really Pregnant? Or Not... I Feel Fine. So How Am I sure I'm Really Pregnant ? Some women may "feel" pregnant before a pregnancy test will be positive, while others may have no symptoms or may feel like their period is coming.
  • Checklist 10 Early Pregnancy Signs Darkening of the Nipples, Odd Food Cravings, Headaches... You feel queasy. You're experiencing a headache. You just don't feel too good. Blame it on yesterday's seafood? Or are you catching a cold? Or could it be that you're pregnant? How can you tell the difference?
  • Unusual/ Rare Signs of Pregnancy Spider Veins, Flatulence, Nasal Congestion, Mettalic Taste... The symptoms of Pregnancy is as wide and varied as can be. Some of the signs we are familiar with and are common. Others are not so common and may sometimes border on being strange. Increasing a pregnant
  • First Signs of Twin Pregnancy Ravenous Appetite, Rapid Weight Gain, Baby Moving 'Everywhere' At Once... You want to know the first signs of a twin pregnancy? So you are expecting and this pregnancy feels a little bit different. Or maybe you just have a hunch that "there are two babies
  • Signs of Ectopic Pregnancy Definition, Symptoms, Causes and Remedies Ectopic is derived from Greek word "ektopos," meaning "out of place". Ectopic pregnancy was first discovered in the 11th century and by the end of 18th century, it took a lethal form. Today, with advancements in the field of medicine, death
  • Pregnancy Tests to Put Your Mind At Ease Am I Pregnant? Am I Not? How Soon? How Sure? How Accurate...? Once you have decided to start a family, you have probably engaged in a slew of activities to get ready. You have prepared yourself physically. You have charted and tracked
  • How Long After Conception Can You Test for Pregnancy? When You Can Barely Wait, How Soon is Not Too Soon? Even with pregnancy tests repeatedly getting expensive, it is not uncommon for most women to be eager to test for pregnancy. I bet you want to know whether you are
  • The Different Types of Pregnancy Tests Available Comfort. Convenience. Accuracy. Test It Your Way... Pregnancy tests are physiological tests that help in determining whether a woman is pregnant or not. This test is the first step taken by the woman for her journey towards motherhood and is regarded to be
  • When/ How Soon Can You Take A Pregnancy Test? This Week? Next Week? Sometime... But Not Too Soon! Have you just missed your period and are curious how soon you can get an accurate reading from a home pregnancy test? If you go to the drugstore, you will see many
  • The Best Time to Take a Pregnancy Test Good Things Come to Those Who Wait... If you are trying for a baby, waiting to take that all-important test every month can be extremely torturous. Test too early and you may risk a false negative despite the recent improvements in pregnancy
  • Stages of Pregnancy - Weekly, Monthly, Trimesterly Understanding The Mysteries of New Life - From Conception to Birth Congratulations if you have just come to know that you are pregnant. Everybody must be telling you so many things about the different stages of pregnancy now. Right! It is true that
  • Your Pregnancy Stages - Week by Week The Miracle of Life - Week by Week Here, we delve into the subject of pregnancy week by week. If you have a particular interest in pregnancy week by week, then this informative article is required reading. Pregnancy is a scary, yet miraculous
  • Stages of Pregnancy - Month by Month Understanding the Three Trimesters of Pregnancy The three distinct stages or trimesters that a woman has to go through during the nine-month period of pregnancy have a direct bearing on both the mother and the baby. Each pregnancy stage lasts for three months
  • Stages of Pregnancy - Fetal Development Understand the Changes Happening In your Body - To You and Your Baby As a baby grows in the womb, it undergoes many changes. While medical professionals tend to use 40 weeks of gestation as their reference, many people measure pregnancy in months. The
  • Experiencing Problems In Pregnancy? Types, Possible Causes, Relief - Month By Month It is quite natural and common for any women to experience different problems during pregnancy. Some problems may be easy to bear with or otherwise enjoy for the welfare of the dream-baby in the uterus. Many of the
  • Nervous About Pregnancy Problems Get Support You Are Not Alone... Ways to Handle Nervous Panic Attacks in Pregnancy Of course you already know that being pregnant and planning for the arrival of your baby can be a very exciting yet stressful time of your life. Even the smallest things can
  • Problems in Pregnancy and Causes Of Miscarriage More Common Causes: Stress, Abnormal Gene Formations, Premature Membrane Rupture... Miscarriage This factsheet is for people who have had a miscarriage or for those who want to know more about them. Each year in the UK, hundreds of thousands of women are affected
  • Possible Pregnancy Problems Fever, Itchy Skin, High Blood Pressure, Gestational Diabetes... There are common pregnancy problems you must know: Enhanced Blood Pressure: Usually at the time of pregnancy one develops high blood pressure. During this stage high blood pressure indicates that the pressure in blood vessels, especially arteries is considerably
  • Common Pregnancy Problems to Guard Against Ectopic Pregnancy, Bleeding, Preeclempsia, Birth Defects... Generally, pregnancy is an uncomplicated process and results in the birth of a normal and healthy baby. Pregnancy is usually accompanied by common problems such as insomnia, vomiting, restlessness, dizziness, backache, bladder problems and several problems is essential
  • Signs of Problems During Pregnancy Severe/ Sharp Abdominal Pain, Double Vision, Spotting, Vaginal Fluid... Just how serious are the problem symptoms of pregnancy? Has your doctor confirmed that you`re pregnant? if so what wonderful news! Especially more so if this is what you wanted. It`s an exciting time to hear
  • Problems Occured During First Stage/ Trimester of Pregnancy Headaches, Migrane, Relief... You're in your first trimester in the pregnancy. You know that you'd be feeling a lot of emotions and bodily discomforts, because of a lot of changes your body is currently going through. You will soon realize that headaches,
  • Problems Occured During Second Stage/ Trimester of Pregnancy Excess Weight Gain, Oedema, Constipation, Heartburn... The phase of pregnancy can be a challenging time as your body takes on a new shape and look. Your tummy is bulging and your breasts are growing bigger. For some women too much weight gain
  • Problems Occured During Third Stage/ Trimester of Pregnancy Excessive Perspiration, Moodiness, Body Pains, Leg Cramps... As the end of the second trimester arrives, and you approach the third trimester, you should start your preparation for your baby's birth. Body changes and pain are more intense at this time and more
  • Premature Pregnancy Problems with Baby Growth Bigger Babies Have Better Chances of Survival - Even If Born Before Full Term... Premature and Preterm birth remains a major cause of newborn and infant illness and death. If its causes were better understood and prevention or treatment more effective, fewer babies would
  • Pregnancy Discomforts - Remedies for Relief In Pregnancy Relieve Morning Sickness, Body Pains, Nausea, Swollen Feet... Being pregnant is no piece of cake! From the first spells of nausea before you even realize that you are pregnant to the swollen ankles of the third trimester, there are plenty of uncomfortable
  • Comfortable Sleeping Positions in Pregnancy Sleep Like A Baby - Restful Nights, Happy Days, Happy Mommy, Happy Baby Using the correct sleeping positions in pregnancy can help a woman with her aches and pains by allowing her body to get the rest it needs. Sleeping in the correct position also
  • Pregnancy and Sex - To Do or Not to Do? Is It Safe? How To? When You Want To... Pregnancy is a wondrous time, but it can also leave you with many questions. Especially as it relates to sex. It is considered the greatest godsend in the life of a
  • Safe, Easy, Best Sex Positions in Pregnancy For Greater Intimacy, Emotional Wellbeing and Fun Having sex during pregnancy isn't something to be scared of or completely abstain from. Doctors and pregnancy health care specialists often reassure their patients that sexual intercourse is completely safe all throughout pregnancy, as long as
  • Sex During Pregnancy - When to Say No Medical Reasons, Your Doctor, Your Body... Many people are apprehensive about having sex during early pregnancy stage. Waiting for another nine months to pass before having the next sexual experience does not seem to appeal many people. Sexual practices can be expressed
  • Naming Your Baby - 5 Surefire Tips to the Perfect Name Naming your newborn is not an easy task. Many different ideas, many different reasons and only one name to choose! Following these 5 guide lines in naming your baby, will make your job easier, and give you guidance and
  • Baby Boy Name - It's A Boy! And His Name Is... Micheal? Aiden? Tom? Jac...? A lot of people think that the currently popular baby names are the best ones to choose from, for their little ones. Although this idea is not entirely correct, there are certain undeniable "trends" when
  • Baby Girl Name - Helpful Tips On Finding the Most Suitable Baby Girl Names My Princess, I Give You the Gift of A Perfect Name. And It Shall Be... Looking at a list of the top 100 baby girl names may be a good way to come up with some
  • African Baby Boy Names The sounds of African baby boy names are as soft as the breeze. The baby names and their meanings go back through the mists of time. Often, African baby boy names and their meanings reflect nature such as rivers, or the southern wind. Some describe qualities
  • African Baby Girl Name Selecting a name for your baby girl is the first important decision you make for them. Her name will be with her wherever she goes, Forever. I am sure many have heard of the outlandish names given to babies in the news and around the world.
  • American Baby Boy Names American baby boy names are not all just American in origin. Most of them have risen from the Bible or other various cultures and nations from around the world. However, they may change pronunciations, or even spellings to make them seem more American. The more common
  • American Baby Girl Name Americans have the capacity and the quality to create and improvise baby girl names that sound great and beautiful any given time of the day. For Americans, the most important name written in your birth certificate is your first name but an increasingly important role is
  • Cuban/ Latino Baby Names Cuban/ Latino baby names are everywhere now, and you only have to look at some of the more popular baby name lists to know that the whole world loves them! Cuban/ Latino names are some of the most beautiful names from which to choose, and they
  • Greek Baby Boy and Baby Girl Names - 11 Unique Names for Your Baby Greek baby boy and baby girl names are always very interesting. Why? Not only are they an interesting challenge for most of us to pronounce, they are always symbolic of something. Baby boy an girl names
  • German Baby Boy and Baby Girl Names A Most Important Decision for Your New German Baby When naming a German babyboy or girl, you will notice that the German names are made of several forenames known as Vornamen and a family name known as the Nachname. A German forename or
  • Hawaiian Baby Boy and Baby Girl Names Let's face it, there are a lot of baby boy names and baby girl names out there, and if you're looking to name your child after the Hawaiian ancestry, you're going to be pleasantly surprised that there are a lots to choose from.
  • Indian Baby Boy Names Understanding the Indian Systems of Naming a Baby Boy...And Girls Basically, Indian baby boy names are based on religion and caste. There are a wide variety of languages and religions in India. As a matter of fact, most religion has a huge following in India like
  • Indian Baby Girl Names That bundle of joy in your arms means the world to you. Nine months of anxiety and desperation are over and now you have a beautiful baby girl in your arms. Sweety, sweetheart, bablu, pinku, dinku, rinku.....your cuddly names will never end. But you have to
  • Irish Baby Boy Names Take a glance at a bookstore's baby names shelf, and you'll see that Irish baby boy names are a very popular category. But for many prospective parents, Irish names can be very confusing. Many different races have settled in Ireland over the centuries. Celts, Vikings, Normans,
  • Irish Baby Girl Names Are you are looking for some really beautiful Irish baby girl names? I have compiled you a list that has some very unique as well as some very popular baby girl names of Irish origin. It also includes the meaning behind the names. Irish baby girl
  • Israeli Baby Boy/ Girl Names Choosing the right Israeli baby name for your new born baby girl or boy is no easy task. Many prefer names rooted deep in history and culture, which bares a significant meaning and heritage. Some of the most traditional and common Israeli names are taken
  • Italian Baby Boy/ Girl Name Italy is known for some of the worlds' most unforgettable names. Italian baby names reflect not only the country's culture but also the global culture. In fact, Italian baby names are being used widely in other countries. Known for its impressive variety of pasta, Italy
  • Mexican Baby Boy/ Girl Names Powerful, Meaningful, Melodic Names to Choose... Mexican baby names are everywhere now, and you only have to look at some of the more popular baby name lists to know that the whole world loves them! Mexican names are some of the most beautiful names from
  • Scottish Baby Boy/ Girl Names Ross, Sewart, Meredith, ... Beautiful Naming Possibilities for Your Baby Boy or Girl In order to understand Celtic baby boy and girl names, you must first understand where they come from, and why. The Celtic heritage is a very rich one, and the names are
  • Spanish Baby Boy/ Girl Names From the Spanish/ Hispanic baby boy and girl names, you can tell the meaning, origin, history, and culture of ancient Spain. With the knowledge of the history of the baby names, you can trace the family tree and ancestors. Knowing the family tree and ancestors,
  • French Baby Girl/ Boy Names To learn the French baby girls and baby boys names, we need to understand the history and language of France. As you all know, France is one of the great ancient civilization. Now, France is united with one language. The hyphenated French name is common
  • Christian/ Biblical Baby Boy/ Girl Names Rebecca, Tabitha, Enoch, Stephen... Because Your Baby Deserves the Best! All baby names are beautiful and interesting and somehow unique but Biblical/ Christian baby names are a slightly different story. Most Christians choose biblical baby names because of their religious and spiritual meaning, but
  • Muslim/ Islamic Baby Boy/ Girl Names Muslim baby names are very important to those who want to convey their religious beliefs in the names of their children. Choosing a Muslim baby name takes a lot of careful consideration, and is not something ever taken lightly. Keep in mind that the
  • Muslim Baby Girl Names When you are choosing baby Muslim girl names, you should always keep in mind what the names mean. The connotation behind your baby girl's name is very important! It will not only be something she will carry with her for the rest of her life, but
  • Baby Parties - Baby Showers, Baby Christenings and Baby Birthdays Tips and Ideas to Add Special Meaning and Fun... Baby is here - Yippee!!! Party times are here again! How time flies. With the arrival of a new baby, you quickly forget the long waits: Trying to get pregnant; The
  • Baby Showers: How to Plan the Perfect, Fun, Baby Shower Party Baby Shower Themes, When, Where, Whom, Invitations, Keepsakes... Planning a baby shower is a big responsibility, but it certainly doesn't have to be stressful. In fact, planning a baby shower can be fun, especially if you're creative. The first




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