Sex During Pregnancy - When to Say No

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Many people are apprehensive about having sex during early pregnancy stage. Waiting for another nine months to pass before having the next sexual experience does not seem to appeal many people.

Sexual practices can be expressed depending on a few factors. One of these is your own and your partner's belief about sex. Another factor to think about is your overall condition while being pregnant - both physical and emotional.

Sex while being pregnant can still be very pleasurable for many since it can increase the lubrication. The ability to increase orgasm in pregnant women becomes more possible. One the other hand, many people do not believe that sex and pregnancy go well together due to the fear that doing so could hurt the developing baby, fatigue, feeling nauseous and having the feeling of awkwardness.

Although one of two of the aforementioned things can be absolutely true, doing more research can be very beneficial to you and to your partner. Exerting much effort to also speak to your doctor can be very helpful. Your personal doctor can provide you more specific information about these topics.

Your body will be changing - both physically and emotionally. Pregnant women may feel less confident and uncomfortable especially when they start to gain extra pounds. This can have a direct impact on the partner especially if the partner is very sexual in nature.

To avoid experiencing such problem, it is always advised to speak together and discuss your differences especially in terms of sexual beliefs. This way, you will be able to respect how the other person feels about being intimate during this period. Having this type of conversation can also be a good way to explore other options so as to achieve sexual bliss.

Due to hormonal changes and frequent fluctuation, the pregnancy woman may also react differently while making love especially during the first trimester. However, this should not be a hindrance for couple.

Joining group sessions with other expecting parents can also help the couple understand the situation better as seen in other couples as well. Being creative is a key to enjoy Sex during early pregnancy period.

However, in some cases, having sex can also be strictly prohibited in whatever stage of the pregnancy. Several justifications can be mentioned. One of these reasons is when your doctor restricts you due to certain medical conditions that may increase risk of terminated pregnancy.

If you also have a history of premature birth, then more likely your doctor will also advise you to wait before having a sexual intercourse. The condition called placenta previa is likewise a reason.

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