Problems Occured During Third Stage/ Trimester of Pregnancy

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Excessive Perspiration, Moodiness, Body Pains, Leg Cramps...

As the end of the second trimester arrives, and you approach the third trimester, you should start your preparation for your baby's birth.

Body changes and pain are more intense at this time and more than what you have experienced from the previous trimesters. As the baby grows more in height and in weight, the mother tends to suffer from many unpleasant occurrences in your body.

Your baby is now 15 inches long and 2 pounds in weight. 

The rapid growth, the pressure in the organs, and the increase in bulk during this week cause the mother to perspire excessively.

Yes, if you are 27 weeks pregnant, you tend to experience discomfort at it fullest due to your baby's growth. You need to prepare for more pregnancy symptoms that may hinder you from enjoying your baby's developments.

Aside from excessive perspiration, you might also experience moodiness and increase rate of Braxton hick's contractions.

At this point, your health care provider is more likely to recommend monitoring of home uterine. This is done to prepare for signs of preterm labor including multiple fetuses, premature rupture of the membranes and even preeclampsia. 

If you are a working mother, this is the best time to leave out of work. Being 27 weeks pregnant is no longer conducive to the stress of the office. Moreover, your baby is now starting to acquire immunities for infection. This is supported with the mother's antibodies covering the placenta.

Your uterus continues to hang on the belly and is now 3 inches away from the belly button. The continuous expending of your stomach will cause you more fatigue - which is why you need to relieve yourself from the hassles of work and take some time to relax and rest. 

Pregnancy week 28 is a moment when your baby's brain can fully achieve the fullest of the human brain. What used to be smooth and level brain structure now begins to form grooves and crevasses like that of the adult brain.

Your baby is now 2 and ½ inches pounds and 16 inches long. Your baby's hair continues to grow this time. However, in many instances, most babies lose their hair during birth and wait for it to grow back after. 

On the other hand, the mother will tend to be experiencing more pains during pregnancy week 28 like leg cramps, inflammation and itching. This is because the mother tends to add more weight to accommodate the growing baby.

Massage is the best relief for these predicaments. Also, remember to elevate the legs higher than the waist when lying or sitting.

Women with asthma may find themselves to be more at risk during this time. Oxygen deprivation for the mother also means oxygen deprivation for the baby in the womb. Moreover, some problems also arise like premature labor, changes in blood pressure and babies with low birth weights. 

You may be faced with some dangers as your pregnancy comes closer to due date.

But with nutritious diet, exercise monitored by a physician, continuous monthly check up and avoiding cigarette smoke, you can protect yourself and your baby against possible harms. Get the influenza vaccine, especially those whose asthma is set off by viral infections. 

Week 27 and week 28 of pregnancy bring about the crucial ending to the second trimester, while marking the start of the third trimester.

With you and your baby approaching the due date, many discomforts can still be felt within this period. As well, your energy level might decline due to the baby getting bigger and heavier. 


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