Problems Occured During Second Stage/ Trimester of Pregnancy

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Excess Weight Gain, Oedema, Constipation, Heartburn...

The phase of pregnancy can be a challenging time as your body takes on a new shape and look.

Your tummy is bulging and your breasts are growing bigger. For some women too much weight gain during this time can be an issue. The most popular cause of this is overeating calorie rich foods and carbs.

When you are feeling fat and bloated it can be sometimes tempting to say "what the heck, I'm pregnant", and indulge a bit more than you should. But to continue a healthy pregnancy you must follow a healthy nutrition plan which includes less fat, more lean proteins, with less caloric foods and lots of fruits and vegetables.  

Sometimes it is helpful to keep a diet log and write down what you are eating during different parts of the day. You may not realize how much you are actually consuming until you see the list of foods all on one page. This way you can also dissect how much of certain foods you are eating throughout the week.

Maybe you are eating a lot of filler foods like breads and pastas and don't even realize it. Also keep track of any emotions like depression, boredom or anger that may be related to a kind of emotional eating pattern. Perhaps you need to make some changes and find other ways to deal with emotional issues.

Exercise is also important throughout all stages of pregnancy. Make sure you are physically active in some way to keep you strong and fit, ready for the most physical activity of all....the birth of your child! 

Gaining excess weight could also be the result of water retention or oedema. The hands, ankles and feet are often subject to this kind of problem. It is nothing to be overly concerned with, but you will need to give it some attention to help correct the imbalance. In any case, seeking the advice of a health care practitioner is advised.

Enema is sometimes a natural result of hormonal changes in the body, but could be a side effect of a more serious condition. Sleeping on your left side with a pillow between your legs is often helpful to improve blood circulation to the legs. Avoid tight shoes and keep eating a healthy, balanced nutritional meal plan. 

Some women experience the opposite and have a hard time gaining weight. If this is the case, you first need to check with your health care provider to make sure other problems are not the cause, like infection or other illness. But some more petite women can benefit from eating more fat which has a significant amount of calories over protein and carbs.

Make sure you are eating enough during the day and snacking frequently. Do not skip meals. Think of food possibilities, things that you crave and have them on hand when your feeling hungry. Planning ahead is always good so that you can schedule out your meals appropriately. Also, do not over-exercise, this could be a problem if the food you eat is going toward calories expended during physical activity. 

Although these are often some of the most common concerns during the second trimester of pregnancy, there are many other things such as heartburn or constipation that can make being pregnant a challenge.

It is important to seek the professional advice of a medical doctor in combination to finding home remedies when at all possible.

Many health related problems will come and go, just do the best you can and have a good attitude....soon you will only be thinking about the little baby in your arms! 


Ayla Penner is a stay at home mom, soccer coach, web-based business owner and pregnancy health coach. Come visit her latest website over at http://www.babybackpacksreview.com/ providing the latest info, styles and sources for baby sling carriers, helping you find just the right selection and form fitted comfort for you and you baby or toddler. 




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