Experiencing Problems In Pregnancy?

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Types, Possible Causes, Relief - Month By Month

It is quite natural and common for any women to experience different problems during pregnancy. Some problems may be easy to bear with or otherwise enjoy for the welfare of the dream-baby in the uterus.

Many of the problems during pregnancy are common to occur to all pregnant women. There is nothing to worry anyway, unless it is a serious thing connected to your health.

Though people raise several questions on pregnancy, there are some questions which cannot be raised thoughtlessly. They sound out-and-out awkward, and you may be in dilemma whether to raise such questions at all.

For instance, you cannot discuss even with your close friend if you have problems like vaginal discharges, fishy vaginal odor or itching in the vaginal area. For some of such embarrassing questions based on problems during pregnancy, you have the consoling answers here.

Peeing during pregnancy:

It is usual during the last trimester of pregnancy that your urethra gets dislocated.  Sometimes, it gets stretched due to the pressure given by the baby with its head. With this condition, you need not worry even if the urine flow is seen whirling or the urination is wobbling.  

Uncontrolled urination:

This is another embarrassing experience of uncontrolled discharge of urine when laughing, coughing, or sneezing. Such reactions are usual and commonly experienced as first trimester pregnancy symptoms.

It's needless to worry much or to totally ignore. It may be an issue associated with your pelvic floor due to the pressure exerted by the baby in the uterus. At such times, it is better you consult your doctor or rush to a nursing care center for proper treatment.         

Smelling bad odor:

This happens with the physiological changes in secretion of hormones when you get pregnant. These changes heighten your smelling sensation, and the usual smell felt normal before pregnancy is now smelt with an unpleasing bad odor.

This is very common and you need nothing to feel ugly. Some women may experience bodily bad odor, and it is baseless to feel shy of it.

Passing gas or farting:

This is the most embarrassing situation which is obviously awkward to ask anyone about this problem. You should know that it is quite normal to experience increased flatulence during the three trimesters of pregnancy.

The problem is simply because of slow digestion from the day you get pregnancy. So, you need not take it as a major digestive problem.            

Are you now consoled with the problems with pregnancy? Well, you can have some more essential information and descriptions of pregnancy healthy eating and Do's and Don'ts when getting pregnant.




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