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You Are Not Alone... Ways to Handle Nervous Panic Attacks in Pregnancy

Of course you already know that being pregnant and planning for the arrival of your baby can be a very exciting yet stressful time of your life. Even the smallest things can seem overwhelming.

The fact is it is natural to be anxious at the beginning, but if you are in a constant state of high anxiety most of the time, you are experiencing a panic attacks pregnancy condition.

The good news is there are natural ways that you can deal with these episodes even during your pregnancy. It should also ease you mind to know that although what you are experiencing is extremely uncomfortable, it isn't going to cause damage to your unborn child.

More people suffer from panic and anxiety attack disorders than you might think. In fact it is quite common, and about 1 in 70 people suffer from this at some time in their lives,

Most people experience shortness of breath, sweating, shaking and rapid heart palpitations when they are having an attack. Other symptoms can include a feeling of being disconnected to the world around you and a loss of control over the situation. Extreme fears can also accompany these feelings.

Some professionals say these episodes are caused by repressed emotions in the subconscious and others say they are a result of a chemical imbalance in the brain. As you are probably aware, both of these are just theories and not hard cold facts and there continues to be a lot of debate among those that practice traditional methods to treat this problem.

There are three factors that contribute to panic attacks pregnancy issues as well. They are stress, fear and change in hormonal balance. If you are experiencing all 3 triggers it will be harder to manage.

It is important for you to learn how to handle the stress in your life. You must learn to relax more and let the small stuff "roll of your back". You know what's important and what it not. Give your attention to what is.

Also don't create any unnecessary drama in your life, nor allow anyone else to. You are already in a delicate state and exposing yourself to high anxiety situations can very well call a panic attack.

Another factor know to trigger panic attacks pregnancy episodes is obsessive fear and worrying. It can be fear about the fetus' condition, of giving birth, of having an attack during delivery, or just fear of the unknown.

You must learn to control this negative self talk and trust that if you do what the Dr. says, take care of yourself, eat right and get plenty of rest everything is going to be alright.

Taking anti-depressants, anti-anxiety meds or over-the-counter drugs should not be an option for treating your panic attacks pregnancy situation. You already know that this could cause problems for your unborn baby. Besides the relief they may offer is temporary at best and could result in addiction.

Seeking out therapy or talking to other women that are going through the same things as you can be helpful for some, but for many others, this is not be enough to actually stop the anxiety attacks.

Visualize yourself being able to fully embrace the experience and gift of being pregnant without constantly worrying about when your next attack will surface. There are women in your position that are having great success treating this problem naturally with the help of a surprisingly simple yet effective technique known as the "One Move method".

Even though you are extremely sensitive and anxious right now, you can take control of this situation and begin to experience the beauty and magic that pregnancy brings.

There is no reason to continue worrying about your panic attacks pregnancy condition. Don't let this special time of your life be filled with unnecessary anxiety and fear. There is help available. Pick up a free mini-course on anxiety and panic attacks at www.bestpanicattackhelp.info and get that glow back.




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