Naming Your Baby - 5 Surefire Tips to the Perfect Name

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Naming your newborn is not an easy task. Many different ideas, many different reasons and only one name to choose!

Following these 5 guide lines in naming your baby, will make your job easier, and give you guidance and advice on how to name your baby the right way, and more important - how not to name your baby.

Here you will find some of the best information and tips avilable online. More useful advice can be found at this great resource for Baby names meanings

These are the most important things to be aware of:

A Popular First Name

You always knew your will name your first daughter Emily, but only now did you find out it is the #1 most popular name for a girl. Do you want to consider a more original name? Or maybe just go ahead using this well known, popular baby name which you've always liked?

The Pros of Giving your Baby a Popular Name:

- The ease and comfort with which others will use their name, a name they are already familiar with and used to. They will never have to explain how to pronounce or spell their name, and it may be easier for them on their way to social acceptance.

- No problem in finding any personalized products like key chains, shirts, hat etc.
Some of the disadvantages:-

- The major flaw in these kind of names is your child is likely to be in a group of more people who carry the same name.

- Popular baby names are not distinctive, and using your last name is often required in order to be distinguished from others.

People will usually greet a less well known name, within limits of it not being too unique and outstanding. You should try and select a name which is both - well know and sounds good considering the last and middle name. At the same time the name should be not too popular and trendy, but yet not too original, as you don't want your child to have too much trouble with it.

Consider Using Meaningful Names

A name drawn from your ethnic origins or you partner's, might be a good idea and affirming to your baby's heritage. However, you can also consider using names stemming in traditions other then your own, if you feel you relate to a certain name.
Give special attention to the fact that first and last names from very different cultures might end up sounding peculiar.

Honoring a Family Member - Yes or No?

It is important that you don't feel obliged to stick with any family tradition when choosing the right name for your baby. If you really like a certain baby name, use it. However, honoring a loved family member by passing on his/her name to your child might be a great way of showing your respect and appreciation. 

You should consult other family members, brothers and cousins, to hear how they feel about it. This will also help avoid a problematic situation in case any of them planned to use the same name, which might be a potential conflict.

Using an Original and Unusual Name

This is a growing trend these days, when everyone wants to be unique and stand out from the crowd. Using a one-of-a-kind name is recommended, However, you should be careful and think ahead about the future of you child. Many children are picked upon because of their strange names, or the sound of their name. Make sure the name you choose is relatively easy to pronounce and does not resemble any words wich might call for embarrassing nicknames.

Think about Nicknames.

Often the name you originally gave your child will be altered and shortened by their friends, and even family. Andrew might turn into Andy, Jennifer could be known as Jen.

You should consider whether or not you like these nicknames, since they have a better chance of sticking with your child through out his/her life.

Some More Important Tips:

Make the middle name something special - it is easier to deal with a unique middle name, then a first one.

  • Think of your child's future.
  • Remember that names are for a lifetime
  • Avoid names that remind you of people you genuinely dislike
  • Be conscious of how the name sounds
  • Try to anticipate spelling or pronunciation problems

It is a good idea to use the internet as a source of ideas for baby names.

Finally - go with your heart! 

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