Muslim/ Islamic Baby Boy/ Girl Names

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Muslim baby names are very important to those who want to convey their religious beliefs in the names of their children.

Choosing a Muslim baby name takes a lot of careful consideration, and is not something ever taken lightly. Keep in mind that the name you choose for your baby will identify him or her throughout the rest of their lives, so make sure the name is one they will enjoy and be happy to speak out loud.

The unique Islamic baby name you choose for your child will be the one that their friends call them, the one their teachers know, and eventually, the one spoken by their spouses and children.

Your selection of just the right baby name is a big one!

There are certain things to remember when choosing a Muslim baby name. For instance, never name the baby Allah, unless Allah is meant to be a part of a larger, longer name. Always make sure the baby's name is one that has a pleasant meaning, as this will help them in their walk through life.

Naming your baby after prophets is always a good thing, as is to name your baby in a manner that reflects servitude to Allah.

Keep in mind the deeper meaning of your baby's name. Just because it sounds beautiful is not enough to choose a name meant to carry the child through life. Consider what it symbolizes.

Also, consider what your Muslim baby name will mean to others - what will they feel when they hear the name? What will they think of your child?

Another important point is to choose a name that will make you happy. This is your child! The name you choose for your baby will come to signify one of the most important people that will ever touch your life.

Make it a name that will make you smile every time you say it, not only because it's beautiful, but because it means something special to you.

Consider naming your child in such a way that not only is pleasing to the ear and the mind, but is also meant to honor someone special.

Naming a child after his father is always a wonderful gesture. Naming him or her after an ancestor who meant a great deal to everyone and is dearly missed is a way of carrying the older generations along with the new.

If you're not sure of what to name your baby or want to be absolutely sure of what your chosen name means, check with your local mosque. They will be able to tell you exactly what you need to know in order to assign a beautiful and unique baby name that will best fit your child.

Choosing Muslim baby names doesn't have to be difficult! Take the time to discuss the name with friends and family, as well as your religious leaders.

By the time the baby arrives, you will be able to let go of the worry of his name and simply bask in the joy that comes when a new life is welcomed into the world.

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