Muslim Baby Girl Names

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When you are choosing baby Muslim girl names, you should always keep in mind what the names mean. The connotation behind your baby girl's name is very important!

It will not only be something she will carry with her for the rest of her life, but Muslim names are meant to convey religious beliefs as well. A name that is pleasing both to your ear and to society's expectations of your religious convictions will be a great name for your child to carry into adulthood.

What names mean the most to you? Consider a few of the more common baby Muslim girl names and decide if one of these is right for your daughter.

Maya means "princess", so if you expect your baby girl to be one of the most beautiful and divine women of the land, this name will definitely fit. The names Leila and Leyla both mean "night". Some parents would love these names if their child was born on a dark, quiet night.

The name Naimah means "peace and calm". This is a name that is bestowed especially often in times of war.

Zahara is a great baby girl name, one that has been made popular in modern culture by actress Angelina Jolie and her ever-growing brood of children. Zahara means "a flower in bloom".

The name Shakirah has a meaning that might be very important to the parents. It means "one who is grateful". What parent isn't grateful to have such a lovely name for their baby girl as Shakirah?

Can you guess what the name Jasmin is supposed to mean? That's right - it means "the jasmine flower". Another name that might be a bit obvious is Aliyah, meaning "praised and noble". The meaning makes sense when you consider that Aliyah is a form of Allah, which is a religious name that has a very deep connotation and commands respect.

Kahara means "one who is dear", which would be a perfect name for parents who want to convey their deep and abiding love for their child. If parents are struck by the deep soulfulness of their baby girl's eyes, they could call her Naina, which means "eyes".

Some other popular baby Muslim girl names include Malika, or "Queen", and Nahla, which means "honeybee". The name Elma, simply enough, means "apple".

Choosing the best baby Muslim girl names might be a tough decision, because all of the names sound so melodic, and they all have positive meanings.

When you are considering which name to give your beloved daughter, focus not only on what the name means to you at this point in your life, but on what it will mean to her throughout all the stages of her lifetime. A name is something your baby will carry with her from here to eternity, so make sure it is one she will love to say.

The best baby Muslim girl names are always those that convey the best things, sound like music as they are spoken, and make you smile when you hear them. Which one is right for your precious little one?

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