Indian Baby Girl Names

Happy Baby 

That bundle of joy in your arms means the world to you. Nine months of anxiety and desperation are over and now you have a beautiful baby girl in your arms.

Sweety, sweetheart, bablu, pinku, dinku, rinku.....your cuddly names will never end. But you have to get into that difficult situation of naming your baby daughter.

While for some parents it is a delight and they get involved in it. For some it is task, because they cannot just set their mind on any particular name. It is mostly difficult for Indian parents as there are a few parameters they have to follow to name the baby.

Firstly it is the month the baby is born in, then the mobility of the planets that affect the month. Then the letters from which the baby is to be named is procured and only the name from either of the letters said should be used. Hence it can be quite cumbersome for the Indian parent to name their baby.

There are names according to the religion of a person in India too. So be it Hindu, Muslim, Catholic, Sikh, Parsi, Bengali and Gujurathi you can find a name you want by browsing on the net or a wide variety of books on baby names are easily available in the market.

Some all time Indian favourite names for girls are Achla, Aisha, Alia, Amani, Ami, Amilika, Maha, Mahi, Mahika, Mahima, Mala, Mahika, Malini.

After finding out a name, most parents also have to discuss it with their parents and relatives. Hundreds of yeses and no's come out and the deliberations, which seem quite daunting until a name is decided.

Parents these days are quite modern and stick to the names they have decided and take a stand on it even if an aunt or an old uncle decides to overrule.

Another important aspect of naming a baby is keeping in mind the new age that awaits the baby. You cannot expect to reckon your grandfather or fathers name and similarly grandmother or mothers name for your baby who will be growing up in a world not suited for those old long names.

However much you loved a particular aunt or uncle and however much you are pressurised, think about the fact that your baby has to live with that name forever among friends and peers who will have young names.

This is just advice, ultimately as a parent you have the final decision to make.

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