How Soon/ Early Can You See the Signs of Pregnancy?

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Body Temperature, Tender Breasts, Frequent Urination, Cramps

How soon/ early can a woman see her first signs of a pregnancy? It is still a mystery for many. Let me resolve this mystery for you in the following passages.

The following are some of the earliest signs of pregnancy, which can occur from as soon as within days of conception,  to a few weeks after first missed period.

Body Temperature:  Most women who have been trying to conceive must be familiar with techniques of noting the basal body temperature. A subtle change is noticed at the time of ovulation.

If however the temperature remains high after the ovulation till the time of the periods, then a woman can be sure that she is pregnant. The record of basal body temperature can be maintained with the assistance of over-the-counter devices.

Tender Breasts:  A woman should try to notice the changes in her breasts. Normally women can feel a fullness in their breasts soon after conception. This earliest possible sign of pregnancy is seen before missing the period or any other pregnancy sign.

Frequent Urination:  If you find herself often visiting the rest room, you must check for pregnancy. This excessive urination is because of a hormone termed human chorionic gonadotropin also called Hcg.

If you visit the doctor, first he will ask you for the lab test to check the presence of Hcg in the urine.

Many women have a misconception that frequent urination is because of the increased pressure of the fetus on bladder. The case is true only in the third trimester of pregnancy.

Soon after conception the fetus is not bigger than an inch so it does not put pressure on fetus. The excessive urination is because of the increased hormonal activity.

Cramps:  A cramping sensation can be felt soon after conception. The cramps are felt because ligaments try to make the way for the new comer to develop and grow.

Some women do not feel these cramps. However others complain about tightening and cramping sensation in the womb area. This cramping is also one of the earliest possible signs of pregnancy.

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