How Long After Conception Can You Test for Pregnancy?

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When You Can Barely Wait, How Soon is Not Too Soon?

Even with pregnancy tests repeatedly getting expensive, it is not uncommon for most women to be eager to test for pregnancy.

I bet you want to know whether you are pregnant or not the moment you suspect conception.

The good news here is there are many sensitive tests available in the market nowadays for testing for pregnancy. These sensitive tests have the ability to detect pregnancy hormone in the blood in the very early stages of pregnancy.

Some women have been known to detect their pregnancy with the help of pregnancy tests up to 3 to 4 days before missing their periods.

It is good to know that generally these tests work by detecting the presence of a hormone termed human chorionic gonadotropin in the body. If the woman is going to detect her pregnancy with the help of a home pregnancy kit, she only has to dip a stick in her urine stream and wait for 2 to 3 minutes. The color of the stick will change if HCG hormone has crossed a particular level. Some over-the-counter pregnancy tests are as accurate as laboratory test.

There are some tests that can detect the HCG hormone when it is only at the level of 10 or more than that. Generally, over-the-counter pregnancy test can only detect pregnancy when hCG level crosses 50.

The level of hCG hormone doubles after every couple of days. So if ever you get a negative pregnancy test result but you continue to experience signs and symptoms of pregnancy, it is advisable to wait for few days and then go for another pregnancy test. As hCG hormone doubles after every few days in pregnancy so result may change as well.

However there are few cases when a woman can get a false negative. The basic reason behind this false negative is that she indulges herself too early in the pregnancy test when the hCG hormone has not crossed a particular level. That is also one of the explanations of why false negatives are more common compared to false positives.

An important thing to note: Do not try to read the color of the strip after the prescribed time on the package. This is because many pregnancy test strips change color after sometime. Even with the absence of hCG hormone.

These are actually termed evaporation lines. They appear on the test strip after the stated time and many appear as false positives.

In any case, if you have detected pregnancy then CONGRATULATIONS! Your next step now is to consult the best health care provider of your locality.

If you were going through an infertility treatment then most likely your health care provider would like to see you as early as possible. However the waiting time in getting the appointment scheduled at doctors office must not be a matter of concern for you.

Though I understand hat most women sail in these weeks on a cloud of elation.

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