Girl Baby Shower Ideas: Everything You Need to Organise A Memorable Baby Shower

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Tips on Choosing the Venue, Getting Help from Others, Baby Motif Decorating Ideas...

Your friend or relative is expecting a baby girl and you've offered to throw the shower. Here are some ideas to simplify the planning from selecting the venue to choosing the right baby shower party supplies and baby shower favors for a girl.

Like all parties, it's really the people that make the event a success but there are some details that can help make it especially thoughtful and memorable.

First decide where you want to hold it whether in your home or a friend's, at a restaurant or at the office. It's always a pleasure to be invited into someone's home but for busy people, a restaurant can be a great choice as it saves on cooking and clean up.

Look for places that have a private room or section you can use. Check prices and if you're expecting guests to share in the cost, let them know this ahead of time.

You may find that others also want to help with the planning. Feel free to share the responsibilities. Just because you offered first or are closest to the mom-to-be doesn't mean you have to do all the work.

Assign someone to pick out the cake or even just pick up the one you order. It's nice for other people to be involved and knowing you don't have to manage every detail will allow you to focus on the guests.

Pink is the obvious choice for baby girl decorations but feel free to combine with white and green for a fresh but traditional look or opt for pink, black and white for a sophisticated urban appeal.

Look for baby shower party supplies like plates, napkins and tablecloths in your chosen color palette to showcase your theme.

You can also create a diaper cake with a bottle of pink champagne in the middle, diapers in layers all around, wrapped in pink cellophane and black and white ribbon as a show stopping centerpiece that the mother to be is sure to appreciate.

Instead of colors, many decorations showcase baby motifs like ducks, lambs, bottles or baby clothes. You can easily find baby shower party suppliesto match all of these ideas.

If you know how she plans to decorate her nursery, try to go with that theme. But any of these can be fun: Banners in the party room, balloons outside the door or a clothesline strung with baby clothes are easy ways to decorate with these ideas.

There are mixed reaction to baby shower games so you probably want to keep it simple. Word scrambles are fun and easy.

You can make them yourself by taking a dozen baby items and mixing up the letters. You give everyone 3 minutes to unscramble the words and award a prize to whoever gets the most or does them soonest. These games are also available for purchase online in which case you just hand everyone a sheet of paper.

Another option is to place a tray of baby items in front of everyone for 60 seconds, then take it away and ask them to write down as many items as they can remember.

At a baby shower, the favors can be a key decorating item as well as a token of thanks. Easy baby shower favors for a girl are customized cookies in the shape or colors of your theme that you place on display by the door.

You can also go the practical route and give out personalized hand sanitizers with fun colors and images.

Whatever baby shower favors for a girl you choose to offer, be sure to place them on a tray or in a basket where people can enjoy them as a festive decorating touch as well as a fun memento.

Baby shower party supplies are available to match any theme. As you look for baby shower favors for a girl, consider personalized items for the special touch.




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