German Baby Boy and Baby Girl Names

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A Most Important Decision for Your New German Baby

When naming a German babyboy or girl, you will notice that the German names are made of several forenames known as Vornamen and a family name known as the Nachname.

A German forename or a Vornamen is usually gender specific and selected with great care to ensure that it has a good meaning.

Although most Germans like to give Vornamen to their child but it is not necessary in all cases. Parents who are interested in giving Vornamen to their child do this shortly after the birth of their child.

Another interesting fact about Vornamen is that although there are several Vornamen given to a baby but only one of the many assigned is meant to be used and it is known as the Rufname.

The importance of a Rufname can be deducted from the fact that it is underlined in all the official documents to differentiate its importance from other Vornamen.

Although the list of Vornamen is much longer for German baby girls but German boy names are also carefully chosen. Of all the Vornamen, Rufname is the most important of all and special care is taken is assigning a Rufname to a German boy name.

There are several reasons for giving a Rufname to a German baby boy name but mainly it is due to the fact that it sounds pleasant to the parent or holds a specific meaning for them. Like if the Rufname found in German baby boy names are after a saint then the purpose is to enlist that specific saint as the protector of the German baby boy.

On the other hand if the German names have a Rufname after a relative then it is meant to show that the said relative holds great importance in the life of the parents of the child.

Usually the Rufname and the Nachname is gender specific. With the exception of "Maria" you will not find any other female German name as a part of a German boy names.

When choosing a German boy names special care is taken to ensure that the name is not offensive in any sense. Germans are very strict in this practice as compared to other countries and cultures throughout the world.

Also another factor that is especially considered when choosing a German baby boy names is that the name is not newly invented. In some cases new German Baby boy names is allowed considering the fact that the Rufname is a conventional one but the rule of decency still applies in this case.

In a German culture the authority to finalize a German Baby boy name lies with Standesbeamte(r). He is the officer or a clerk of the public authority appointed for the registration of marriages, births, deaths etc.

The Standesbeamte(r) has the final say in authorizing a German boy names but in case a name is rejected by Standesbeamte(r), the parents can appeal in court. 

A dispute might also rise when the German baby boy names are based on place.

Germans are very specific when it comes to German baby names and they ensure that the German boy names are well chosen.




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