First Signs of Twin Pregnancy

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Ravenous Appetite, Rapid Weight Gain, Baby Moving 'Everywhere' At Once...

You want to know the first signs of a twin pregnancy?

So you are expecting and this pregnancy feels a little bit different. Or maybe you just have a hunch that "there are two babies in there." So how do you confirm your suspicions? Well here are some questions that might help you determine if indeed you will be blessed with two babies.


Okay, here you go!

  • You should suspect twins if you became pregnant using in vitro fertilization or ovulation inducing drugs.
  • It also could be twins if you have a ravenous appetite...day and night!
  • Twins again if you are large for dates during your prenatal appointments. However, remember that +/- 2 centimeters is considered within normal limits and is - usually - no cause for concern.
  • You should suspect twins if you are experiencing rapid - or faster than usual - weight gain.
  • If unexplained anemia develops...again this could means twin babies.
  • Could be twins if you feel your baby moving "everywhere"...at once!
  • You should suspect twins if your care provider hears two distinct heartbeats.
  • If you have a family history of fraternal twins you could be having twins!
  • You should suspect twins if your care provider can feel a crease in your fundus - top of the uterus - on palpation which would imply two bags are present.
  • And of course, you are having twins if an ultrasound confirms two babies.


If you are having twins, do not be dismayed...a healthy term twin pregnancy is possible!

So if after reading these "first signs of a twin pregnancy," if you still have a hunch that yes you may be having two babies... maybe an ultrasound is in order!

Florence Witt is a stay-at-home-home with a passion for natural birth and natural mothering. She is blessed to be able to share this passion as co-owner of http://www.natural-pregnancy-mentor.com




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