Early Signs of Pregnancy Before Missed Period

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Spotting, Frequent Urination, High Temperature, Missed Periods...

A huge portion of the medical industry is dedicated to helping women determine when they are pregnant. However, did you know that without a test there are physical signs that will give you an indication that you are pregnant? About a week after you have conceived you can start to notice some of the early signs of pregnancy that your body is going through as your hormone levels start to shift, and these signs can be a great indicator that in about nine months you will have a bundle of joy arriving.


During pregnancy you can expect to not have your menstrual period, but it is not uncommon to experience some slight spotting after conception. Their is a difference in the shade of the bleeding. Normal menstrual blood is more reddish, but blood from spotting is much more pink or brown and not at all heavy.

Frequent Urination

There are jokes about pregnant women always racing to the bathroom, but this is more than just a joke. If you suddenly experience frequent trips to the bathroom it may be an early sign of pregnancy. This is one of the first changes that you may see because your body is suddenly producing more HCG or human chorionic gonadotropin which can lead you to need to urinate more frequently.

Feeling Hot

Many women may not even realize that their body temperature traditionally rise during ovulation, but when you become pregnant your body may stay at that warmer temperature. So, if you notice that your body is warmer than normal it may be an indication of something else.

Period Free

Perhaps one of the most dramatic indications of pregnancy is when a woman misses a menstrual period. However, do not be fooled, there are often other reason that you could miss a period, but if you are someone who has a very regular cycle a missed cycle may be an early sign of pregnancy.


Though you may not be experiencing a menstrual period you can still experience cramps. These cramps are actually uterine cramps, and they are quite common during the early stages of pregnancy. These cramps can be triggered by any type of physical movement so if you experience these often you may want to pay just a bit of attention to them.


When a woman conceives she is now supporting another life form. Additionally her body is experiencing dramatic hormone swings both of which can lead to significant fatigue. Traditionally as you progress through your pregnancy your body will begin to adjust and your energy levels will return.

Morning Sickness

Nausea is a common early sign of pregnancy. However, the truth is that only 5 out of 10 pregnant women deal with morning sickness during their pregnancy. But do not be confused by the term morning sickness. The nausea that you can experience during the early stages of pregnancy can happen at any point during the day.


Your breasts will soon become a food source for you new baby and they are almost instantly affected by conception. Typically due to the new hormone levels you will experienced increased tenderness in this area. Again, as your body adjusts to the new hormone levels this will fade, but in the early stages you can use it to help you recognize the fact that you are expecting.

Color Changing

Your breasts may experience more than just an increase in sensitivity. Additionally your areolae may start to change color. It is quite common that they start to darken as your hormones swing due to your new pregnancy.


One area that you may not realize will change is how your bowels will deal with your new pregnancy. Do not be alarmed with this early sign of pregnancy as they will return to normal as your body progresses through its pregnancy.

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