The Different Types of Pregnancy Tests Available


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Pregnancy tests are physiological tests that help in determining whether a woman is pregnant or not.

This test is the first step taken by the woman for her journey towards motherhood and is regarded to be very crucial. However, to make the journey simpler, the advancement of science provides various different options in these examinations.

The variety ranges from over-the-counter home pregnancy tests to tests held in clinics. Here we discuss both the forms of pregnancy tests and their features.

Over The Counter Pregnancy Tests

These tests are by far the most convenient type of pregnancy examination. They are urine based and can be done by the patients themselves. The over the counter pregnancy kit contains a urine cup and a stick, which helps to find out the pregnancy.

The procedure is fairly simple. The woman has to pee in the cup, and then submerge the stick into the urine, for a specific period. The instructions are very clearly mentioned in the kit's instruction booklet.

However, if you are not comfortable with the conventional way, another, cleaner way of determination is by putting the stick in the urine, while you are urinating. This stick will determine the presence of the hCG pregnancy hormone, whose presence indicates pregnancy.

Remember, the assessment of these tests are correct if the procedure is performed accurately.

Tests Held In Clinics

Clinic based fertility tests are known to be more reliable, since they are performed by trained professionals and are blood sample based. In fact, a lot of couples prefer these tests over the home based ones.

This form of pregnancy assessment is built on the determination of the presence of human chorionic gonadotropin hormone.

Blood based tests, held in clinics have many advantages. For instance, they can be done within a week of possible conception. Moreover, they give extremely accurate identification of hCG, which in turn gives correct evaluation of a woman's fertility status.

Besides this, another great plus of undergoing this test is its ability to determine whether there are any complications or problems in pregnancy, for which the doctor can prescribe medication and treatment, as soon as possible.

The only glitch that people foresee in such tests is the cost. These tests are comparatively expensive, but nonetheless the safest bet the couples have for fertility determination.

Remember, pregnancy is a big responsibility. Make sure you not only choose the right form of Pregnancy Tests but also undergo the examinations required after the pregnancy is detected, as they assist in healthy motherhood. To know more about this subject visit Pregnancy Resources.




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