Baby Showers: How to Plan the Perfect, Fun, Baby Shower Party

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Baby Shower Themes, When, Where, Whom, Invitations, Keepsakes...

Planning a baby shower is a big responsibility, but it certainly doesn't have to be stressful. In fact, planning a baby shower can be fun, especially if you're creative.

The first question you must ask yourself is: Will you tell the mom-to-be about the impending baby shower?

There are two schools of thought when it comes to hosting a baby shower: Some steadfastly believe that the mother-to-be should know about the shower, including when and where it will take place; While others feel that the mom-to-be should be surprised with her baby shower.

Regardless, whether or not you include the mother-to-be in your baby shower plans is a personal decision. Consider the guest of honor's personality: Does she like surprises, or does the unexpected stress her out?

In addition to the traditional baby shower that is held to honor the expectant mother, couples showers are beginning to rise in popularity. A couple's shower honors both the mom and the dad-to-be and generally has both a male and a female host.

The first step in planning the perfect baby shower is to determine the theme of the shower.

If the mom-to-be is in on the plans, consult her to find out the type of theme she wants. Remember, baby showers are not just for first-time moms. In fact, it's tradition to hold a baby shower for each new arrival.

So, if you're hosting a baby shower for a mom who already has a child or children, the mom-to-be might want a completely different theme than the last baby shower.

One of the most popular baby shower themes is the traditional: Host the baby shower at the mom-to-be or a family member's home; serve a light lunch, play traditional baby games, and watch the mom-to-be open her gifts.

Another popular theme is "girls' night out," where the guests and mom-to-be enjoy dinner at a favorite restaurant.

Holiday themes are also popular for those mom-to-be's who are expecting around a holiday like Halloween or Christmas.

Be creative and have fun when it comes to choosing a theme and throwing the baby shower. Once you have a theme, you must decide where and when you're going to host the baby shower. Again, if the mom-to-be knows about the shower, consult with her.

As soon as you've determined when and where you'll host the baby shower, prepare the invitations.

Invitations should be mailed at least three to four weeks in advance for those guests who live nearby and at least six to eight weeks prior to the baby shower, for out-of-town guests to allow them time to make travel plans.

You'll also have to decide what baby shower favors you're going to give away as keepsakes.

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Of course, no matter where you hold the baby shower, you'll want to include some time for baby games.

Make sure you purchase fun prizes, such as a Champagne Gel Candle or Sunny Daisy Bath Confetti for the winners of the games.

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