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A lot of people think that the currently popular baby names are the best ones to choose from, for their little ones. Although this idea is not entirely correct, there are certain undeniable "trends" when it comes to baby names, so the answer to the question "What is the best baby boy name?" needs to be answered through the premise of the current name trend.

There are actually several websites and forums where baby boy names are rated and where a best baby boy name is chosen every once in a while.

Usually, the best baby boy names are rated by popularity and some of them are given different ranks, so that parents can make an idea on the "trend level" that name has achieved this year, or this season (yes, the name trend changes almost at the same rate as the fashion trends!).

A quick search on the internet will reveal which name is ranked as being the best boy name at the particular time you're reading this article. This kind of research offers parents a good source of finding and choosing an appropriate name for their baby boy.

Also, electronic newspapers and different magazines often offer parents different baby boys name options, giving them a list of what is consider being the best baby boy names today.

To give you a helping hand, we have searched the Internet ourselves in an attempt to find the best baby boy names out there. This should give you, as a parent, an idea on what's "hot" today in the baby boy names trend and maybe you'll even decide to settle for one of the names you can find below.

In 2005 the winner of the best baby boy name in the United States was Jacob; the origin of this name is Hebrew and despite being a beautiful name in itself, it spurs different interpretations of what it means. One such interpretation states that Jacob means "held by the heel", as in the baptizing process of ancient times.

Other versions range from "struggle with God" or "fought with God" to "mighty with God's help", so it's really unclear if it has a positive or negative meaning. However, most experts agree that the meaning revolves around the noun "deceiver", so it might just prove that 2005's best baby boy name winner actually has a negative translation.

In late 2005, experts predicted that Jacob would be dethroned as the best baby boy name and they were right. In 2006 the name Aiden accompanied by its other two alternatives Aidan and Aden were ranked as being the best baby boy names.

Aiden was very popular in many Internet surveys, but this electronic enthusiasm over the name didn't translate to the real world, as many people would think. When it came to actually name their children, people still preferred "classic" names, although they went for the less common Aiden when voting online.

Another name that got a high score on most "best baby boy names" charts in 2006 is Michael. Michael is not as uncommon as Aiden and it can't even be compared to Jacob in this regard. Same as Jacob, Michael's origin is Hebrew and it has biblical roots. Its meaning is that of "he who is like God", a reason for religious parents to name their little boy Michael.

No matter what happens this year, and no matter what the experts' opinions and predictions are for this year, it is recommended that parents choose a baby boy name that they like and they think is best for their children, because the nominations and opinions of people change every year They are not permanent, unlike your boy's name.

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