American Baby Boy Names

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American baby boy names are not all just American in origin. Most of them have risen from the Bible or other various cultures and nations from around the world. However, they may change pronunciations, or even spellings to make them seem more American.

The more common American names for baby boys are Michael, Robert, and John. There are quite a few of those names around, as well as some more unusual names. In the past, they were a bit more common but not in this day and age.

You may not find many boys named Alexander, but Alex is quite common. Taking the longer name and shortening it makes it fit in more with our fast paced American lifestyle.

Many American baby boy names come from a family tradition. Naming the sons after past family members is a popular way to keep the memory of loved ones alive in future generations. This can also be done by choosing names of close personal friends of parents, and even grandparents. This tradition of passing names from one generation to the next is quite common in many American families.

Looking at some of the more common celebrity names is another way of finding perfect American baby boy names. Who wouldn't want to be named after a top celebrity? Just remember to choose carefully which celebrity names you decide to use when naming your son. This lessens the chance of too much teasing when they reach that wonderful phase in life of attending school.

Some children can just be mean even with naturally sounding common names. Everyone has heard those horrible rhymes that kids invent for their schoolmates who are unfortunately named.

Whatever choice you make in finding your American baby boy names, be sure to look at all the different versions available of that name. You must feel satisfied that the name you have chosen will give the perfect identity to your son.

Naming a child is a very daunting task if you are not prepared to put some effort into it. Every child is different. Keeping that in mind, it is very important to give your child a name that represents his unique personality.

Remember to have fun with this and look at all of your options. Some names are more fitting than others. There are some that can even lead to fame and fortune. Choose your son's name with his future in mind. It can make all the difference.

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